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Magda Nieduzak

Senior Communications Officer, Sharks: Restoring the Balance, WWF-Hong Kong

Magda leads communications for Sharks: Restoring the Balance. She is a communications and PR specialist with experience gained in the UK and Hong Kong and a passion for shark conservation.


Magda leads communications for Sharks: Restoring the Balance at WWF and is based in Hong Kong. She is an experienced communications professional with international PR and communications experience gained in the UK, Hong Kong and across Asia. Passionate about shark conservation, she joined the team in 2019.


5 ways in which sharks and rays help ecosystems, other species, and people.

Added to Blogs on 08 June 2020

By Magda Nieduzak

Let’s celebrate some of the most enigmatic and misunderstood creatures of the blue – sharks and rays, which are crucial for the health of our planet! Here are 5 incredible ways in which sharks and rays help the world, from fighting climate change, to sharing food with their neighbours, to growing phytoplankton, and more.

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Unlocking secrets of gentle giants – whale sharks and citizen science

Added to Blogs on 29 August 2019

By Magda Nieduzak

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are filter-feeding and highly migratory sharks, which travel between coastal waters and open oceans. Growing up to 20 meters in length (longer than a school bus) and weighing up to 34 tonnes (nearly as heavy as 6 large African elephants), they are by far the biggest living fish in the world. And yet, in spite of being one of the most iconic marine species, these sharks still hold many secrets waiting to be uncovered!

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Five Incredible Whale Shark Discoveries of the Last Decade

Added to Blogs on 27 August 2020

By Magda Nieduzak

Let’s celebrate this year's Whale Shark Day by learning about five fascinating facts scientists have discovered about these gentle giants in the past decade, from having a unique eye armour to figuring out how old they are by studying atomic bomb tests!

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Nine Cool Shark and Ray Superpowers

Added to Blogs on 13 July 2020

By Magda Nieduzak

Sharks and rays are an incredibly diverse group of vertebrates that have evolved around 400 million years ago, outliving the dinosaurs. There are over 1,200 species known to science, from the tiny dwarf lantern shark all the way to the gigantic whale shark. But it is not just their diversity that makes them so cool – they do have some very special superpowers too! Let’s take a closer look at some of them to celebrate this International Shark Awareness Day.

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