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Indian Ocean's sharks and rays still not a priority for the regional fisheries body

Added to Updates on 08 December 2020

This year’s annual meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), a regional fisheries management body responsible for tuna fishing in the Indian Ocean, concluded on 6 November 2020 with no new conservation or management measures adopted for sharks and rays.

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IUCN releases the only 2020 Red List update for elasmobranchs

Added to Updates on 13 July 2020

The International Union for Conservation of Nature published newly updated Red List status for 37 shark, ray, and chimaera species in the only elasmobranch update of this year.

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Illegal fishing of sharks and rays caught on camera in the Mediterranean

Illegal fishing of sharks and rays caught on camera in the Mediterranean

Added to Updates on 13 July 2020

All kinds of species of sharks and rays – some of them critically endangered – are regularly illegally caught by nets and longlines in the Mediterranean, as compelling reports obtained by WWF reveals.


Migratory sharks and rays receive extra protection at the recent global meeting of the Convention on Migratory Species

Added to Updates on 25 February 2020

22 February 2020 marked the end of the 13th Conference of the Parties (CoP13) to the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS). Taking place in Gandhinagar, India, the CoP13 concluded with positive results for several species of threatened migratory sharks and rays.

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IUCN Red List Update: Ongoing industrial fishing drives pelagic sharks and rays closer to extinction

Added to Press Releases on 11 December 2019

11 December 2019 - The International Union for Conservation of Nature released updates on the conservation status of 29 species of sharks, rays, and skates on 10 December 2019. These Red List reassessments reveal a particularly high extinction risk in pelagic species, with some of the most iconic animals now Critically Endangered or Endangered due to overfishing in the high seas.

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ICCAT’s annual meeting concludes with very mixed results for pelagic sharks in the Atlantic

Added to Updates on 26 November 2019

26th annual meeting of ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) concluded in Spain on 25 November, bringing both good and bad news for sharks. Unsustainable bycatch of the endangered shortfin mako shark will continue as the EU, US, and Curaçao blocked the adoption of a ‘zero-retention policy’ for the species. On the other hand, member states agreed to adopt science-based management measures for blue sharks, including first-ever catch quotas for any pelagic sharks.

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WWF offers shark management recommendations for ICCAT’s annual meeting

Added to Updates on 20 November 2019

As the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meets in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, for their 26th annual meeting on 18 – 25 November 2019, WWF presents its recommendations for better shark and ray management.

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A ray of hope for mako sharks and rhino rays at CITES CoP18 – 18 threatened shark species added to Appendix II

Added to Updates on 28 August 2019

The 18th Conference of the Parties (CoP18) of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) concluded in Geneva, Switzerland today, bringing great news for mako sharks and rhino rays. With the support of two-thirds majority of parties secured for each listing proposal, shortfin and longfin mako sharks, wedgefishes and giant guitarfishes will be included in the Appendix II of the convention to regulate international trade in these animals and their products.

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Sharks and rays in the international spotlight at CITES CoP18

Added to Updates on 15 August 2019

[UPDATED on 26 Aug 2019] WWF supports three proposed shark and ray Appendix II listings ahead of the upcoming 18th Conference of the Parties (CoP18) to the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Improved management and trade controls are key to reducing population declines in listed species.

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WWF’s shark management recommendations for the Western and Central Pacific laid out

Added to Updates on 12 August 2019

Sharks and rays feature prominently in our recommendations for the 15th regular session of the Scientific Committee (SC) of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) taking place in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, on 12 – 20 August, 2019

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IATTC approves proposals on whale shark and silky shark conservation

Added to Updates on 02 August 2019

The 94th annual meeting of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) concluded with two shark-related resolutions accepted, adopting conservation measures for whale sharks and silky sharks.

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Total federal protection of four shark and two ray species implemented in Malaysia

Added to Updates on 22 July 2019

Following a proposal originally submitted by the Sabah government to the federal government of Malaysia, as of 17 July 2019 four shark species and two manta ray species gain country-wide protection under the Federal Fisheries (Control of Endangered Species of Fish) Regulations 1999, Fisheries Act 1985.

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New conservation measure adopted In the Indian Ocean to protect vulnerable devil rays

Added to Updates on 27 June 2019

The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) has adopted the first ever conservation management measure (CMM) for Mobulid or devil rays. Countries agreed to release caught animals using safe release guidelines, improved data collection and scientific investigation of the survival rates of released rays.

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WWF draws up five-point “to-do list” for Dutch minister

Added to Updates on 30 May 2019

WWF NL recently applauded the work of Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Carola Schouten for drawing up a strategy to protect sharks and rays in the Dutch Caribbean. But WWF NL is also calling on the senior government leader to deliver on an earlier pledge to better protect sharks and rays much closer to home, in the North Sea.

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Wild Wonders of Europe/Zankl/WWF
Wild Wonders of Europe/Zankl/WWF

Atlantic tuna species threatened by record levels of overfishing and alleged criminal activities: WWF urges ICCAT to deliver stringent action

Added to Updates on 12 November 2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia - A €12 million annual trade in illegal bluefin tuna recently uncovered in the Mediterranean and the dramatic overfishing of tropical tunas, pushing populations at risk of collapse, underline the need for serious action by the EU and tuna fishing nations at the ICCAT meeting in Croatia that began 12 November.

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