Ian Campbell/WWF-Pacific
Ian Campbell/WWF-Pacific
WWF Manager Ian Campbell ahead of his appearance on "Breakfast @FijiONE" on 3 March

Fiji taking leadership role in shark and ray conservation

Added to Updates on 05 March 2018
Ian Campbell, Manager of WWF’s Shark and Ray Initiative, Sharks: Restoring the Balance, WWF-Pacific, appeared on live TV in Fiji recently to note that Fiji is stepping up its efforts to drive environmental protection efforts on behalf of sharks and rays.

Mr. Campbell noted that the WWF had been working closely with Fiji's Fisheries Ministry since 2013, helping the nation develop national protection policies that have resulted in Fiji's committment to to protect sharks and particularly mobula rays. 

Fiji has been instrumental in helping multiple countries to work together on ocean management matters and limit trade in endangered species, which is evident in the headway made in 2016 via the Convention on International Trade in endangered Species of Wild Flor and Fauna, more commonly known as "CITES."

"Fiji has stepped up," said Mr. Campbell. "They've taken a global lead (and) they are protecting their assets."

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