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News Gallery

Historic first rebuilding programme adopted for the endangered shortfin mako shark

Added to Press Releases on 23 November 2021

(23 November 2021) After years of negotiations, today 52 tuna fishing nations and the EU adopted a comprehensive rebuilding programme to allow the recovery of the endangered mako shark in the North Atlantic. WWF welcomes the plan as the most efficient way to immediately stop the overfishing and dramatic decline of shortfin mako sharks and set the species on a path towards recovery. The decision came at the end of the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) held virtually from 15 to 23 November.

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© Antonio Busiello / WWF-US
© Antonio Busiello / WWF-US

Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia announce new protections for the Eastern Tropical Pacific marine corridor at COP26

Added to Press Releases on 11 November 2021

During the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, presidents of four Latin American countries announced a joint agreement to provide greater protection to the existing marine corridor in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Stretching from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador to Isla Coiba in Panama, the corridor is an important "ocean highway" for marine wildlife, including the critically endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks.

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Our 2020-2021 shark and ray conservation highlights

Added to Updates on 19 October 2021

Welcome to the latest update on the progress we are making together to help conserve sharks and rays around the world. Here is a snapshot of some of the fin-tastic things you've helped us achieve in 2020-2021, from discovering a new shark and ray hotspot in Fiji, to testing an innovative method of keeping these animals out of the nets in India, to assisting seven different countries with their national conservation plans for sharks and rays. Enjoy the read!

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© WWF-Hong Kong / Tracy Tsang
© WWF-Hong Kong / Tracy Tsang

WWF rejects illegal trade in shark fins

Added to Press Releases on 25 September 2021

A statement by WWF-Colombia on the seizure of 3,493 shark fins intercepted at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia, to be illegally exported to Hong Kong.

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Time is running out to save sharks and rays, with over a third of species pushed toward extinction by overfishing

Added to Press Releases on 07 September 2021

(7 Sept 2021) A major study re-assessing the IUCN Red List status for all sharks, rays and chimaeras reveals that over 1/3 of all these species are now at risk of extinction caused by overfishing. Governments and regional fisheries bodies must act now to stop overfishing and prevent a global extinction crisis.

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Whale Shark Tales from Indonesia’s Islands

Added to Blogs on 30 August 2021

From grandma’s shark on the island of Borneo, to Sulawesi’s moon shark, and ancestor’s shark on Java, this Whale Shark Day, discover five different whale shark tales and learn about the cultural meaning of these gentle giants in Indonesia.

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26 new whale sharks identified in Donsol, Philippines

Added to Press Releases on 30 August 2021

(30 August 2021) - More than two dozen new faces were among the familiar ones as the latest annual whale shark survey came to a close in Donsol, Philippines, ahead of Whale Shark Day 2021. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines identified 58 individual whale sharks during the organization's 2021 population survey, held annually off the coast of Donsol.

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A deep-dive into shark and ray MPAs helps protect the species in Malaysia

Added to Updates on 20 July 2021

To help better conserve sharks and rays in marine parks in the state of Sabah, WWF-Malaysia co-organized a virtual workshop with a focus on marine protected areas in collaboration with the Sabah Parks authority. This was the second such workshop co-organized by WWF in Asia.

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US$2.6 billion global trade in shark and ray meat feeds the ocean crisis

Added to Updates on 12 July 2021

Ahead of this year's Shark Awareness Day, WWF launches a new report spotlighting a global, highly complex, and opaque trade in shark and ray meat that many are unaware of.

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US$2.6 billion global trade in shark and ray meat revealed. Better rules and transparency needed to fight overexploitation.

Added to Press Releases on 12 July 2021

(13 July 2021) More than 200 countries and territories are importing and exporting shark and ray meat for a global trade that was valued at US$2.6 billion between 2012 and 2019, with Spain being the world’s top exporter, Italy the top importer and the EU accounting for over 20% of the global shark meat trade.

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© Opeti Vateitei / WWF-Pacific
© Opeti Vateitei / WWF-Pacific

Fiji's Dreketi River & Estuary Shark and Ray Survey report launched

Added to Press Releases on 09 June 2021

This World Oceans Day WWF-Pacific together with Fiji's Ministry of Environment and other stakeholders launched its Dreketi River and Estuary Shark and Ray Survey report, which provides a snapshot of shark and ray species found within and around Fiji’s deepest river.

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© Boris Bare / WWF-Adria
© Boris Bare / WWF-Adria

Rare angelsharks come to life in the middle of Croatia's capital

Added to Updates on 09 June 2021

The sea and highly threatened angelsharks, which can still be found in the country, "reached" middle of Zagreb thanks to a new mural created to celebrate the World Oceans Day. The mural not only comes to life thanks to the AR technology but also helps to reduce air pollution through a special high-tech paint. The work is a result of a collaboration between WWF-Adria, a street artist Boris Bare and animators Mate Žaja and Duje Stojak.

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Five reasons why oceanic sharks and rays matter to the world and people!

Added to Blogs on 08 June 2021

While there are only a few dozen of oceanic shark and ray species – animals that spend most of their lives in the open ocean – they are critical for the health of the ocean and the well-being of millions of people who depend on it for food and their livelihoods. These fascinating fishes are essential for so many reasons, from being blue carbon sinks and ocean mixers to inspiring innovation and design! This World Oceans Day, let's learn more about how important these predators are to the big blue, our planet, and people!

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China and Thailand join WWF’s regional shark fin programme

Added to Updates on 04 June 2021

WWF is now working in six key Asian markets leading efforts to reduce the unsustainable demand for shark fin.

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Scalloped hammerhead shark caught in a net © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock / WWF
Scalloped hammerhead shark caught in a net © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock / WWF

Ravaged by Fishing — An Oceanic Shark Emergency

Added to Blogs on 13 May 2021

By Andy Cornish

Two iconic shark species — oceanic whitetip and scalloped hammerhead — as well as many other sharks and rays inhabiting the open ocean are being pushed toward extinction. Main threat? Overfishing. How did we get here and what can be done to save them?

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