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Sharks: Restoring the Balance

These ancient predators capture our imaginations. But sharks and rays are in crisis, with over 1/3 of all species pushed towards extinction by overfishing. WWF and TRAFFIC have joined forces to stop the declines through a major global programme, but we’ll need your help to save sharks, rays, and our oceans.

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© WWF-Thailand / WildAid

LATEST | "Cats for Sharks" campaign launched in Thailand


(c) Paul Mckenzie / WWF-Hong Kong

Conserving sharks and rays

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How YOU can help

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How You Can Help

Your daily life affects sharks more than you might think, even if you live far from the ocean. Your actions can make a difference, as can supporting our work financially. We rely on the generous donations of people who care about sharks and rays - people like you. If you support our vision for healthy oceans, or if there is a project you feel passionate about and would like to receive information on how to become a partner, we would really love to hear from you.

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Latest News

WWF-Thailand and WildAid launch ‘Cats for Sharks’, a digital campaign harnessing the power of cats and pet lovers to protect sharks

Added to Press Releases on 31 March 2022

WWF-Thailand and WildAid launch ‘Cats for Sharks’, a digital campaign that enlists cats as advocates for sharks. The campaign leverages cats’ internet popularity to appeal to the public and inform viewers of how the consumption of sharks is leading to species disappearance and to harmful impacts on the oceans, which could drastically impact the seafood most cats and humans eat.

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WWF-Australia creates 100,000 km2 safe haven for marine wildlife in northern Great Barrier Reef

Added to Updates on 24 March 2022

The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia has effectively created a 100,000 square kilometre refuge where sharks, rays, dugongs, inshore dolphins, and turtles can be free from commercial gill nets. To achieve this, WWF has just purchased and shelved the last commercial gill net licence holding a sizeable quota for the region.

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© Paul Mckenzie / WWF
© Paul Mckenzie / WWF
The world needs coral reefs, and coral reefs need sharks

Added to Blogs on 14 February 2022

The value of coral reefs to sharks has long been known. The complex structures that corals form shelter a huge variety of species, creating oases of ocean biodiversity and providing plenty of food for reef sharks. Shallow areas with few predators serve as shark nurseries. But what do sharks bring to the relationship? Recent science is finally shedding light on the subject and indicates that protecting disappearing reef sharks is likely to have considerable benefits for building reef resilience.

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Information Highlights

Conservation Focus

Sharks and rays are in crisis. What needs to be done to conserve these ancient, essential creatures?

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Featured Tools

WWF Sharkulator

WWF's tool helps understand how many sharks can be saved if peoplechoose to go fin-free. How many people should refuse a bowl of shark fin soup to save one shark?

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